How can you effectively use the office chair to exercise the body?

Published by Hangjian Industrial (Heshan) Co., LTD. December 13,2019

In the daily work perhaps not every office worker is so concerned about the good or bad shape, many people think that usually do not have time to work out, but the long-term accumulation of sitting posture will produce some sequelae, whether you do not have time to exercise and you are still worried about maintaining your shape?Today we are going to show you a simple way to exercise your body by using the office chair.

  • Sit in an office chair with the fingers of your hands completely crossed behind your back, then turn your palms outward, while keeping your hands straight and stretching back and down as far as possible. Your shoulders should also stretch back naturally.This stretching exercise can relieve the fatigue of your shoulders.
  • Sit in an office chair with your hands over your head and your elbows on your face.This stretch will relieve your neck from fatigue.
  • When you sit in your office chair, hold the back of the chair with your hands to the right and keep the balls of your feet on the floor.This stretch will relieve the fatigue in your waist.
  • Tired of sitting in an office chair?Then stand up!Put your right hand behind your back, then use your left hand to grab your right wrist and pull it to the left.This stretch is also relieving shoulder fatigue.